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Assistance and Support 

The association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel provides services to the LGBTQ community. Legal assistance, the LGBTQ Help Line, LGBTQ Phobia Report Center, assistance to LGBTQ asylum seekers, The LGBTQ Aliyah Project, legal representation and counselling for the trans* community, and many more. 


We receive many applications and are run by volunteers. Therefore, we kindly as you take in mind reasonable time gaps for us to respond to your inquiry. We will do our best to attend to your needs ASAP. 

Every problem has an address - report any problem or case to us, by contacting us through this form: 

Contact our Hot Line at any stage, when in desperate need. The Line offers an attentive and trained team of volunteers who will speak to you anonymously, and provide information and support to all. 


The line operates on Sundays to Thursdays and Saturdays from 19:30 to 22:30.

You can contact us during business hours by phone: 03-6205591

Or through WhatsApp at: 058-6205591

Contact us on our English FB page! 

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