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The Aguda

The Aguda - The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel, is Israel’s pioneer LGBTQ organisation. We are a national grassroots, volunteer-based, nonprofit human-rights organisation. We promote and advance new initiatives and cultivate leadership and partnership within all sectors in the community.  The Aguda strives for full equality for LGBTQ people and aspires to create a public climate of acceptance and respect towards the community.

About Us

The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel is a human rights organization which focuses primarily on obtaining and fighting for equality. Our work reaches and is present in different aspects of society such as public, governmental and political arenas, media and social platforms, and more. 


Part of our mission is also to provide extensive assistance to LGBTQ individuals or groups in need. Our departments, clinics, staff and volunteers provide a range of professional services such as mental support, legal counseling, family mediation, assistance to refugees and immigrants,  and assistance to any victim of discrimination or hatred on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Since The Aguda’s founding in 1975 as the first Israeli LGBTQ oriented human rights organization, the association has spearheaded large scale public struggles for the community, and has worked for social and legislative change for the LGBTQ community - both nationally and in communities across the country in local pride communities. The Aguda also works towards the eradication of LGBTQ-Phobia and promotes the general national status of the community.


No matter what color of the rainbow you identify as - we are here for you.

על האגודה

The Aguda LGBTQ Services

We operate a range of LGBTQ oriented support services in various fields available to all members and allies of the community.

קליניקה למשפחה.png

The Proud Family Clinic

The clinic provides essential support for LGBTQ couples, parents and families from the community with professional counseling on issues that may arise around marital and family life. 

Among these are legal counseling, emotional therapies, couple therapies, parental guidance, mediation, agreement formation and more.

 טיפול וייעוץ ללה"טב

Therapy and Consultation

The LGBTQ clinic at The Aguda specializes in providing emotional support and assistance to LGBTQ community in a variety of fields such as: Coming out of the closet, dealing with and building self confidence and self image, LGBTQ relationships and parenting, support and consultation in gender adjustment processes, assistance and emotional support in crisis and loss situations, treatment of addictions and more.

דיווח להטופוביה

LGBTQ-Phobia Report Center

The Aguda National Report Center, named after Nir Katz, offers assistance to anyone who has been harmed by discrimination, transphobia, hatred or harm based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

קו הקשב האגודה יש עם מי לדבר

The Aguda Hotline

The Aguda Hotline, "There is always someone to talk to", offers a listening ear, information and support to all members of the community who want to share or consult on all issues related to LGBTQ life, sexual orientation and gender identity. The Hotline is English speaker friendly.

סיוע משפטי להטב

Legal Consultation Department 

The Legal Department provides assistance with legal issues and inquiries on matters such as family matters/rights, employment, immigration and status settlement in Israel, criminal law and more.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

The project supplies Palestinians, Africans, Israelis from minority groups and LGBTQ refugees in Israel with a variety of services and facilities: legal assistance; psychological, social support; and fundamental tools such as access to health care and employment. Services are available in English and Arabic.

סיוע לפליטים להטבים
שירותים ללהט"ב

The Department for LGBTQ Immigrants and Diaspora Jewry

The department for LGBTQ “Aliyah” at the Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel strives to break barriers that may arise for LGBTQ immigrants, before and after immigration to Israel. 


The department was created in partnership with the World Zionist Organisation, and strives to support LGBTQ immigrants to Israel by providing information, tools, and consultation according to their needs. We seek to assist immigrants with legal inquiries and matters, connections to the local LGBTQ community, and personal guidance.

עולים חדשים
תמכו בנו

Get Involved!

Our work is made possible by the inspiring dedication of our volunteers and donors.  Your support means the world to us. Help us, so that we may continue to strengthen our community.

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