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Retro Rainbow Student Pride Facebook Eve
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Retro Rainbow Student Pride Facebook Eve



The LGBTQ Ambassadors program is an international initiative backed by The Aguda - The Association for LGBTQ+ Equality in Israel.


This one-of-a-kind virtual program brings together Jewish LGBTQ Young Professionals, 21+ years of age from all around the world in order to explore various aspects of LGBTQ leadership and activism, and bridge between Jewish LGBTQ+ peers globally. As LGBTQ Ambassadors you will become part of an exclusive and selected community of influencers who will gather for online/digital workshops, lectures and  training sessions led by some of today’s leading Jewish LGBTQ influencers and allies from around the world. 


If you are a Jewish LGBTQ+ influencer, leader, activist or ally, and take interest in exploring the potential impact as Jewish LGBTQ+ people - this is the place for you. 


If you have the drive to take action and generate change in your community and around the world based on values of equality and “Tikkun Olam” - Join us today!


Our first meeting will take place on December 23 2020, 18:30 IST, 

With Israeli Parliament member and LGBTQ Activist Idan Roll!

Retro Rainbow Student Pride Facebook Eve


1. Provide Jewish LGBTQ leaders with an inside look on key issues facing Jewish LGBTQ  Activism, Advocacy, and digital influence. 


2. Create a diverse Jewish LGBTQ coalition with the power to put the spotlight on global Jewish humanitarian causes, in today's rapidly changing world.


3. Create an International Jewish LGBTQ forum capable of launching its own projects and initiatives globally in Jewish communities.


4. Bridge between Jewish LGBTQ leaders and activists.

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Spotlight on Israel: The fight for equality

Where have we come and where are we going?


International LGBTQ+ Lobby 

Insights into challenges facing the movement.


Digital Leadership

 How to become an influential digital leader in today's world in-light of COVID19? 


Effective Networking and community building

creating social change in your local Municipal arena/community.

Retro Rainbow Student Pride Facebook Eve


LGBTQ Ambassadors will also take an active role in the global project “Pride In The Living Room”, an International digital initiative which bridges between Jewish LGBTQ people and Jewish communities all around the world. 

For more information, visit the “Pride In The Living Room International” website.



Application deadline is Monday November 30th 2020! 

Spots on the 2020 Ambassador list are limited!

Apply Now!

Do I need certain materials or technologies to join the program?  

Our meetings and workshops will primarily happen on ZOOM. Therefore you will be asked to join from a computer with a working camera and stable internet connection. This is a mandatory feature in order for us to create a professional, interactive, and personal experience for all. 

For general communicational needs - a WhatsApp will also be used to connect all Ambassadors.

Is there an anticipated time commitment for participants in the program?  

LGBTQ Ambassador meetings and workshops will range from 1 to 1.5 hours. They will take place once every two months. All dates and hours will be released and coordinated with Ambassadors following the application deadline date.

Our first meeting will take place on December 23 2020, 18:30 IST.  


What type of people are you looking for?  

The Ambassador program aims for Jewish LGBTQ Young Professionals or University students who are:


  • Active leaders and influencers in Jewish communities.  

  • Enthusiastic activists for the Jewish LGBTQ community and its values.  

  • Proud Jewish LGBTQ folks who take interest in becoming active in the Jewish LGBTQ arena.  

  • People who have an interest and drive to explore the sometimes complex relationship with Israel, and how it relates and impacts their LGBTQ identity.  

  • People who take interest in challenging, exploring, and understanding the identity triangle of Judaism, LGBTQ identity, and Zionism.

Copy of Copy of גאווה בסלון (10).png


The Aguda, the National Association of LGBTQ in Israel, is Israel’s pioneer lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisation. The Aguda is a national grassroots, volunteer-based, nonprofit human-rights organisation representing the LGBTQ community. The Aguda promotes and advances new initiatives and cultivates leadership and partnership with all sectors and groups within the community.  The Aguda strives for full equality for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people. They also aspire to create a public and social climate of acceptance and respect for the LGBTQ community and for its individual members.

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