The Aguda

 The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel

The Aguda is the umbrella organization for the LGBTQ community in Israel, working locally and internationally to improve the status of Israel's LGBTQ community, with a mission of equal rights, welfare, and safety.

As the spearhead of the public battle for equality, the Aguda provides a wide array of services for the LGBTQ community.  

“Pride In The Living Room” was founded in memory of the 2009 "Tel Aviv Gay Center" shooting victims, and in memory of Shira Banki who was murdered at the Jerusalem Pride parade in 2014.

The project arose from the need to share and expose the public to personal stories of the LGBTQ community. Through these stories, we as Jewish LGBTQ community members - are able to build inspiring and powerful connections between the LGBTQ community and the general public - ALL ACROSS the world, inside our local Jewish communities, in Israel and abroad. 



in the community

For any information on the Aguda's services in the community please email us at

LGBT Hotline

"Yesh Im Mi Ledaber" ("Someone to talk to") hotline for the LGBT community members, and their family and friends offers assistance and information to the LGBT community. It enables anyone to contact our volunteers, who undergo intensive training to provide assistance anonymously and discreetly about any LGBT topic such as sexual or gender identity.


Hotline hours are Sunday through Thursday between 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

Telephone line: 03-620-5591

Whatsapp chat: 058-620-5591

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Legal Assistance

The Aguda provides legal consultation and support in any LGBT discrimination case. Moreover, volunteers of the Legal Assistance department work hard to raise awareness of LGBT rights, and create those rights through the court.

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Center for reporting violence against LGBT (Nir Katz)

The department receives dozens of reports of LGBT incidents against LGBT and analyzes them in order to approach the authorities about violence against LGBT. Incident reporting can be anonymous. Once a year the center issues a highly publicized report.

If you have a homophobic or transphobic crime to report, please contact us by this email:


LGBT Clinic for psychological consultation

The clinic offers a wide range of professional consultations to the LGBT community issues such as coming out, body pride, self worth and gender identity. The qualified team offers one-on-one meetings for 250 NIS. Meetings can be arranged in kfar Saba, Tel Aviv, or Be'er Sheva.

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LGBT English-Speakers Groups in Israel

LGBT Olim is an online community for LGBT people who have moved to Israel or are considering doing so. As well as providing information to prospective olim, it is an umbrella for LGBT English-Speakers groups in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Be'er Sheva, each of which organizes social events every month. It also runs Qulpan - weekly LGBT-friendly Hebrew classes in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. For more information contact, visit LGBT Olim's Facebook page or sign up for the LGBT Olim monthly newsletter.

LGBT Minorities and Asylum Seekers Center

The project offers first aid for refugees and minorities in Israel and  a variety of services, facilities,  legal assistance, psychological consultation, social and financial support, and fundamental tools such as the right to health care and employment.

The Pride Tag

This tag is a sign which indicates a business that supports the LGBT community and fights for equality for its employees as well as its customers. This tag can help incorporate the LGBT community as a significant and integral part of Israel's economy - consumers and entrepreneurs alike. Find the nearest supportive businesses by using this map (click to view).

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The Aguda provides lectures and educational material regarding LGBT issues.

The lectures we offered: The history of the proud struggle in Israel,  The Israeli legal system and the LGBT community,  LGBT asylum seekers, and  Feminism and LGBT

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Social activism

For any information on social activism and please email us at

Same-sex Marriage in Israel

The Aguda’s legal team submitted to the Supreme Court an amendment to the marriage law in order to allow LGBT couples to get married in Israel, and to assist LGBT couples and improve the rights of LGBT couples in Israel. Nevertheless, civil partnership agreements do allow same-sex partners similar rights as married couples'.

Adoption, Surrogacy and Parenthood

Single individuals of any sexual orientation may apply to become adoptive parents in Israel, though heterosexual couples are far more likely to succeed. Same-sex couples are not considered couples legally, which means adoption is very unlikely.

Surrogacy is legal in Israel, but is subsidized and allowed only to heterosexual couples. This therefore prohibits gay couples to have children in this way, or forces them to choose more expensive options in foreign countries.

The Aguda fights to get equal rights to LGBT parents-to-be and will assist those in need.

Activism against Homophobia

The Aguda collects information about incidents of homophobia in order to bring them to light to government officials and to the public. In addition, it supports raising awareness in the Israel's periphery (Pride Van) and awards academic papers on LGBT issues.




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What is the Aguda?

The Aguda - Israel's LGBT Task Force was founded in 1975 as a non-profit organization for the LGBT community. 

Since its establishment the Aguda has striven to improve the LGBT community's standing in Israel to achieve equal rights, and security.

The Aguda works in partnership with all the LGBT organizations in Israel.

Contact Information:


Address: P.O. Box 29523, Tel Aviv, Israel, 61294

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