Aguda Elections

The Process:

· 28.8 Final date for candidates to join as members of the organization and run for the committee. After this date, anyone who joins as a member of the organization will not be able to run as a candidate in the election of the Executive Committee but is entitled to vote.

· 22.09 Opening of the registration process for candidates who want to run will be published on the website. On this date, a post will be linked to an application form where you can register as candidates for the Executive Committee of the organization.

· 14.10 Completion of the application process for the Executive Committee. On this date, the final list of candidates for the Executive Committee of the organization will be determined and published on the organization's website. 3 days will be given in order to motion for appeals on the list.

· 22.10 The start of the election campaign, a candidate website will be launched, information about the election will be made accessible for the public including whom the candidates are and all relevant and important information for the public, accompanied by a digital campaign calling for membership and involvement in the organization.

· 31.10 Mandatory orientation day for anyone interested in running for the Executive Committee. On the day itself, we will talk about coordinating expectations, expected conduct during the elections, and bureaucracies ahead of elections. This is a mandatory 4-5 hour day in which the role of members of the organization's Executive Committee will be explained.

· 26.11 New members will no longer be able to join the organization and take part in elections. Anyone joining as a new member of the organization will not be able to vote in the elections to the Executive Committee.

· 28.11 Election Day - 4 centers in Proud Houses + an option to open additional polling stations according to demand.

What it means to be a member of the Executive Committee:

The organization invites leaders to run to be a part of our Executive Committee to motivate and empower the equality movement in Israel for the LBTQ + community. Together, you:

· Establish and make sure that our vision, strategies and goals are achieved through our CEO, staff and volunteers

· Do everything you can to collectively enlist and fundraise the resources needed to accomplish our mission

· Provide transparency through financial, legal and operational oversight

Areas of skill, experience and knowledge:

· Affiliation and familiarity with the organization, the plethora of different colors in the LGBTQ + community and its values, and familiarity with other community organizations

· Established and extensive interpersonal network and ability to provide important connections and opportunities, including fundraising and recruiting members for the organization

· Strategic planning, financial, legal and operational knowledge

· Effective interpersonal communication, teamwork management and conflict management - as a leader and member of the Executive Committee members are required to invest time and effort, including active participation in all meetings, seminars and events and respond to urgent matters and cases.

The Executive Committee is legally responsible for all and any of the organization's activities.

Q & A: