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Aguda Elections

The Process:

· 28.8 Final date for candidates to join as members of the organization and run for the committee. After this date, anyone who joins as a member of the organization will not be able to run as a candidate in the election of the Executive Committee but is entitled to vote.

· 22.09 Opening of the registration process for candidates who want to run will be published on the website. On this date, a post will be linked to an application form where you can register as candidates for the Executive Committee of the organization.

· 14.10 Completion of the application process for the Executive Committee. On this date, the final list of candidates for the Executive Committee of the organization will be determined and published on the organization's website. 3 days will be given in order to motion for appeals on the list.

· 22.10 The start of the election campaign, a candidate website will be launched, information about the election will be made accessible for the public including whom the candidates are and all relevant and important information for the public, accompanied by a digital campaign calling for membership and involvement in the organization.

· 31.10 Mandatory orientation day for anyone interested in running for the Executive Committee. On the day itself, we will talk about coordinating expectations, expected conduct during the elections, and bureaucracies ahead of elections. This is a mandatory 4-5 hour day in which the role of members of the organization's Executive Committee will be explained.

· 26.11 New members will no longer be able to join the organization and take part in elections. Anyone joining as a new member of the organization will not be able to vote in the elections to the Executive Committee.

· 28.11 Election Day - 4 centers in Proud Houses + an option to open additional polling stations according to demand.

What it means to be a member of the Executive Committee:

The organization invites leaders to run to be a part of our Executive Committee to motivate and empower the equality movement in Israel for the LBTQ + community. Together, you:

· Establish and make sure that our vision, strategies and goals are achieved through our CEO, staff and volunteers

· Do everything you can to collectively enlist and fundraise the resources needed to accomplish our mission

· Provide transparency through financial, legal and operational oversight

Areas of skill, experience and knowledge:

· Affiliation and familiarity with the organization, the plethora of different colors in the LGBTQ + community and its values, and familiarity with other community organizations

· Established and extensive interpersonal network and ability to provide important connections and opportunities, including fundraising and recruiting members for the organization

· Strategic planning, financial, legal and operational knowledge

· Effective interpersonal communication, teamwork management and conflict management - as a leader and member of the Executive Committee members are required to invest time and effort, including active participation in all meetings, seminars and events and respond to urgent matters and cases.

The Executive Committee is legally responsible for all and any of the organization's activities.

Q & A:

When is election day?

Election day will take place on 28.11.19!


Voting will take place in 4 polling sites: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheba with additional locations that will be announced in advance.

If you want polling stations in your area of residence, fill out the form below and contact us:

Method of voting?

Each voter will be asked to rank from the list of candidates who he / she would like to choose. Each voter may vote for no more than 7 candidates. Candidate names will be published on a designated website for the election which will contain all the necessary information for the voters.

How can we become candidates?

Anyone who joined as a member of the organization before the 28.8.19, and who applied in accordance with the RSVP which will be published. The application will open on 22.09.19 and end on 14.10.19.

How do we know if we are active members of the organization?

You can find out if your membership in the organization is active by sending an email with identifying details (full name and ID) to the organization's email:

How do we know who the candidates are?

Before the elections, a designated page will be launched on the organization's website, with details of who has applied to be a candidate. At the same time, the organization will conduct a membership encouragement and voting campaign that will refer to the candidates' designated website page and details.

Who is eligible to vote?

Anyone who is an active member and joins no later than 26.11.2019. Membership status can be ascertained by sending an email to:

What happens if a selected member of the Executive Committee resigns?

A member of the Committee may resign from office by giving written notice to the Executive Committee, a notice of which shall be given at the next General Assembly Meeting of the organization.

The Assembly shall approve those who have won the highest number of votes amongst those who failed to be elected in the last election, to serve on the Executive Committee for the remaining term of the resigned member of the committee who they replaced, and provided that it has passed the blocking threshold of number of votes set forth in the bylaws.

What does "guarantee of representation" mean?

In the Executive Committee there is guaranteed representation for three sectors of the LGBTQ + community: the transgender community representative, the female gender representative, and the peripheral representative (for the avoidance of doubt, a non-resident of Gush Dan). If a representative is elected from such sectors as one of the seven members of the committee, this member shall be deemed to be a representative of the sector, should a representative not be elected, the committee may appoint another member with the approval of the General Assembly Meeting.

In addition, according to the resolution of the General Assembly, there will be representation of at least 40 percent for each gender: if 7 representatives are not elected and up to 40 percent representation for at least one gender, the missing gender will be elevated in the ranking of results at the expense of the second gender. For example: If there were 7 women elected to the Executive Committee, the last three places will be referred to the 3 men who received the most votes. The elevation of candidates from the missing gender will only be done among the candidates who have passed the blocking threshold according to the rules, even if after the elevation the committee will not maintain a 40% ratio for each gender.

*Gender as defined by the candidate themselves

What are the Executive Committee's authorities?

1. The Committee shall manage the organization's affairs and determine the organization's strategy

2. The Committee shall have authority to act on behalf of the organization, except powers designated by the organization's bylaw or by the organization's General Assembly or by the organization's institutions.

3. The members of the Committee must act for the benefit of the organization members and within its objectives in accordance with the organization's bylaw and the provisions of these bylaws and in accordance with all resolutions and recommendations of the General Assembly.

4. The Committee is responsible for the proper management of the organization's ledgers and membership books.

Who oversees the election process for the Executive Committee?

In order to maintain maximum objectivity, the Executive Committee decided to set up an election committee accompanied by the CEO, which will constitute as a designer and supervisor of the elections in accordance with the law and the organizational rules.

These committee members are:

Tal Alovitch - Public Policy Specialist. Formerly Chairman of the Audit Committee of the organization.

Netta Ilany - Attorney and volunteer at the organization.

Aviram Blumi - Workshop moderator for the AIDS War Committee, a volunteer at Igy and one of the founders of the Pink Panthers Group.

Frank November - New Oleh from the United States. Formerly a Leadership and Strategic Development Director for the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC, Member of the board of directors of "A Wider Bridge".

Avi Tsur - Former Education Ministry employee and pedagogical coordinator of the organization's Project Barak. Today - educator and lecturer in Israel and abroad.

Anat Nir - a feminist and LGBT activist. Formerly an Executive Committee member of the organization and chair of the committee.

The committee is available for questions and ideas by email at

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