“Pride In The Living Room” was founded in memory of the 2009 "Tel Aviv Gay Center" shooting victims, and in memory of the Jerusalem Pride parade stabbing in 2015. The project arose from the need to expose the public to personal stories of the LGBTQ community, in order to bridge between peoples and communities. 

Come host or hear personal stories of Jewish LGBTQ individuals in private living rooms!

Participants, communities, and organisations will come together to create safe spaces for dialogue about Judaism and the Jewish LGBTQ community. Events will take place starting October 2021.


In 2020 over 80 “Pride in the Living Room” events took place worldwide! 

Personal stories and open dialogue are the roots for change, so join us in shaping the future!


According to our surveys - over half of the participants in the program globally last year were NOT from the LGBTQ community. 

Anyone can host an event!

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How do I join?


Whether you are an independent person or organisation/community who wants to inspire unity, Jewish peoplehood and equality in your community, workplace, or personal surroundings - you can host a local living room! 


All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up and receive our digital “Host Guide”. 

  2. Choose a Jewish LGBTQ speaker that you would like to host, or choose a speaker from our speaker bank. 

  3. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, community, or the general public to your virtual living room. 

  4. Attend the annual Pride in the Living Room training session. 

  5. You are ready to host a Living Room!

Want to tell your story at a “Pride in the Living Room” event somewhere around the world? Sign up to join our Jewish LGBTQ speakers bank! As a speaker, you’ll have the opportunity to tell your Jewish LGBTQ story at an event. 


All you have to do is:

1. Hand in a speaker application! Accepted speakers will receive a digital “Speaker Guide” and take part in the annual training session. 

2. Get assigned to a Pride in the Living Room event around the world, or join a specific event you were invited to. 

Host a living room

Tell your story 

Apply Now!

Hila, Kibbutz Mesilot, Israel 

“My parents decided to host a living room and invited the whole kibbutz to our house. I told my story, and the response and conversation that followed was amazing.”

Leah, Melbourne, Australia

"I couldnt take my eyes off the screen the whole event, got to speak about Jewish LGBTQ Jews in the Orthodox world with people from the other side of the world. Much needed event, thanks for this"

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Alberto, Recife, Brazil

"An important initiative, a great opportunity to speak honestly about equality in the Jewish world, looking forward to hosting next year"


The Aguda 

The Aguda, the National Association for LGBTQ in Israel, is Israel’s pioneer lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisation. The Aguda is a national grassroots, volunteer-based, nonprofit human-rights organisation representing the LGBTQ community. The Aguda promotes and advances new initiatives and cultivates leadership and partnership with all sectors and groups within the community.  The Aguda strives for full equality for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people. The Aguda aspires to create a public and social climate of acceptance and respect for the LGBTQ community and its individuals.

Pride in the Living Room partners

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Join by supporting us in our journey towards a society built on tolerance and acceptance!