The Aעguda - Association for the LGBTQ Equality in Israel and the Shira Banki's Way Foundation invite you to the 2020 Ga’ava BaSalon events. 

From the understanding that personal and real encounters are the best way to remove fears and misunderstandings and create a more inclusive society, we run, this year as well, Ga’ava BaSalon: Nationwide meetings with the Israeli LGBTQ community. 

The meetings take place on 07.30.20, 19.30, at the same time. Each meeting will be led by a speaker from the LGBTQ community. The speaker will tell his/her personal life story and conduct an open discussion.

Each speaker is different, but everyone is willing to share and have been trained to do so. Every speaker wants to have a direct and honest conversation with the participants.

You are invited to host a meeting in your living room.

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